Father of Humanity

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Ibrahim (a)

Endlessly brave, infinitely obedient, an ummah in himself and the father of us all...

Let's go deep into the heart of the desert to learn about amazing Prophet Ibrahim and why Allah chose him as His friend.

We're inviting you to join the fun with Aunty Hiba and her lovable friends to be inspired, enriched and entertained. 

When you sign up for Ibrahim (a), your family will:

  1. Discover the epic life story of Prophet Ibrahim from birth till his final moments
  2. Understand the characteristics of Prophet Ibrahim which made him so special
  3. Make the direct connection between Prophet Ibrahim and Hajj rites and rituals
  4. Learn how Prophet Ibrahim is the essential thread binding the major religions
  5. Discover how Prophet Ibrahim will be honored on the Day of Judgement
  6. Implement sunnahs for an excellent Dhul Hijjah
  7. Memorize the Quranic dua that changes everything

Our programs are loved by families like yours:

Nada Siddiqui

"Drama Mama has made teaching Islam what it was always meant to be for our children - inspiring, exciting and beautiful. My kids enjoy learning about different aspects of our deen, and then present the duas, stories and lessons, complete with perfectly mimicked voices and flourishes to their grandparents. I cannot wait for Drama Mama to bring more of their unparalleled magic for my kids."

Shazeen Chapra

"I've been following Drama Mama's work for a while, and have seen the projects get more amazing with each passing year. Our kids need Islamic programs that are progressive, informative yet fun. It’s on us to support those programs so they can grow! We have attended all Drama Mama events and can't think of a better way to creatively provide kids with Islamic values. Highly, highly recommended, you'll bond with your family over a Drama Mama program!"

Bemisal Iqbal

"Drama Mama has brought tons of laughter, creativity, learning and joy to our family over the years. Aunty Hiba is a familiar name in our house! From dreaming to become a Musaharati (drummer girl) one day to laughing at Mr Goat being a British Muslim goat that TALKS to meeting Mr. Professor who taught about the whale’s tummy in Yunus. We are truly a Drama Mama family at heart and CANNOT wait for more programs inshaAllah!"

What you'll get in this Drama Mama Master Class:


- 1 episode on the importance of Dhul Hijjah
- 1 masterclass episode on the life of Prophet Ibrahim
- 1 game show episode to learn about Haj

Also available as a recording the day after

A fantastic memory and way to keep the conversation going after the class

Talking points, additional material, and recommended books for further learning

1 Dhul Hijjah planner, 
1 good deed bingo sheet, and more!

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