Build an unshakeable connection to the Beautiful Names of Allah!

RAMADAN MOON is educational enrichment for the global Muslim family

Powerful storylines and ridiculously fun characters.
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Ramadan Moon is the program your family needs for an awesome Ramadan! 

We’re bringing you one of a kind, high quality edutainment that makes learning about Allah fun, interesting and relatable.

I teach your kids to love Allah. 

Powerful storylines and ridiculously fun characters

Unmissable spiritual content which keeps children hooked.

They won't even realize how much they're learning.

And you get to sit back and enjoy the show. Literally.

Bismillah, lets do it!

Ramadan Moon gives you the Ramadan activity you’ve been looking for!

Even if
...your family generally doesn’t like online programs

Even’ve already covered Names of Allah in another course

Even if...your children aren’t usually interested in Islamic classes


Who is Drama Mama?

My name is Hiba Masood and I am the head of Drama Mama.

I’ve been in children’s education for the last 15 years and in family spiritual entertainment for the last 7. 

You might know me as the author of the multi-award winning picture book on Ramadan, Drummer Girl. 

I'm passionate about organizing high energy Islamic events for thousands of families from around the world, including Yunus (as), Hajj Camp, and of course, Ramadan Moon.

Giving families easy and inspiring opportunities to learn about Allah, the Sunnah, the Quran and our stories is the goal of Drama Mama. My job is to make sure your family is happy doing it.

I’m putting the fun back in the fundamentals and I want YOU to be part of it. 

How do I ensure your children learn?

They're among the people they love most

Our family program brings together everyone in your home because kids learn best when they're with their favorite people

They feel intellectually challenged and entertained

Our program combines academic rigor with creativity, humor and gamification to keep kids engaged

They feel loved and respected

Our EQ-based program helps children thrive under the reminders: Allah Loves You and You Are Capable

I'm in, sign me up!

Look who's been reading Drama Mama's book, Drummer Girl!


Here's what people are saying about our programs:

Nada Siddiqui

"Drama Mama has made teaching Islam what it was always meant to be for our children - inspiring, exciting and beautiful. My kids enjoy learning about different aspects of our deen, and then present the duas, stories and lessons, complete with perfectly mimicked voices and flourishes to their grandparents. They cut and paste the crafts with lip biting focus and giggle uproariously at the characters that make their comedic appearance. I cannot wait for Drama Mama to bring their unparalleled magic to Ramadan for my kids."

Shazeen Chapra

"I've been following Drama Mama's work for a while, and have seen the projects get more amazing with each passing year. Our kids need Islamic programs that are progressive, informative yet fun. It’s on us to support those programs so they can grow! We have attended all Drama Mama events and can't think of a better way to creatively provide kids with Islamic values. Their last event on Prophet Yunus was attended by my parents and they enjoyed it as much as the kids did! Highly, highly recommended, you'll bond with your family over a Drama Mama program!"

Bemisal Iqbal

"Drama Mama has brought tons of laughter, creativity, learning and joy to our family over the years. Aunty Hiba is a familiar name in our house! From dreaming to become a Musaharati (drummer girl) one day to laughing at Mr Goat being a British Muslim goat that TALKS to meeting Mr. Professor who taught about the whale’s tummy in Yunus. We are truly a Drama Mama family at heart and CANNOT wait to start Ramadan Moon inshaAllah!"

I'm ready, let's do this!

Our programs are loved by families like yours:

Sabeen Islam

"Ramadan Moon, and other Drama Mama programs, have been so valuable for my family because they brought that spirit alive, made us laugh and feel overwhelmed with emotions, all while giving us a dearth of information and knowledge. Every experience has been a beautiful family affair that we cherish and look forward to!"

Asma Siddiqui

"We are big on family time and always look for ways where we can enjoy together. Drama Mama programs are full of information, fun, energy and movement and the best part is that me and my husband enjoyed it as much as our little ones! This Ramadan Moon, we are looking forward to love Allah more with the help of Aunty Hiba!!"

Abeeha Mushtaq

"We love Drama Mama! Her work is so full of love and energy and every child of every age is always able to connect with her. The team puts heart and soul into each and everything that they do. We really can’t wait to see this year's edition of Ramadan Moon!"

Saqib Teli

"Our entire family looks forward to the events held by Drama Mama. The events inculcate in us and our children the love for Allah and his Deen along with the love for our nation. I am glad that my children have a role model in the form of Aunty Hiba who they dearly love and idealise. May Allah accept the efforts of the entire team"

Sarah Khan

"We have attended every program offered by Drama Mama. My kids ADORE her, and my youngest calls her "my Hiba Aunty". We just love the vibes, and the carefully curated content, delivered in the most engaging way. I highly recommend it every Muslim family out there!"

Shamail Wasi

"We can't imagine missing a Drama Mama program because we know it will be valuable and entertaining for us. InshaAllah, I hope to see this organization grow globally and strongly recommend it to Muslim families looking for inspiring ways to learn and teach Islam. We can't wait for Ramadan Moon because we know it's going to get us in the best mindset."

What you'll get in Ramadan Moon:

(value: $200)
We use direct instruction, live action skits, games and more to help kids make sense of these Names in their own lives. 

☑️  3 LIVE ZOOM CLASSES (value: $60)
We’re bringing all the community vibes you’ve been missing and revising everything we've learnt so far!

☑️  1 ENRICHMENT WORKBOOK (value: $15) 
Discover the Names of Allah in visually catchy infographics and extend the learning into reflective emotional intelligence

☑️  PARENT GUIDES (value: $15) 
We provide step by step conversation starters, vocabulary builders, talking points and extension ideas for every episode. 

☑️  RAMADAN CRAFTS (value: $30)
Crafting gets the hands moving and the brains thinking in new ways! We’ll be working on fun
Ramadan crafts with materials you have!

To get your whole home in the Ramadan mood. Just print, frame and go!

It’s gonna be a Ka-hoooooot. We’re getting together for
Kahoot contests in our live classes and pumping up the energy.

With 90-day access, each family has the amazing opportunity to do the entire program upto 3 times. Not only incredible value but also, inshaAllah, incredible learning!

☑️  PRIZES AND GIVEAWAYS (value: $75)
Because who doesn’t love presents? Nobody, that’s who. 

Send us your pictures of Names of Allah artwork and we’ll feature in our show and on our site.

With a lifetime of learning and memories, insha'Allah!

Total Value: $445

But you only pay: $129!

or Rs 19,000 by bank transfer

Great! I'll pay by credit card
Cool! I'll pay by bank transfer

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